Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wow...a believer who actually believes

In our family devotion time the past couple days we’ve focused on the conversation between David and Saul when David is pleading to go out and fight against Goliath.  Specifically we focused on 1 Samuel 17:34-37.

Since Saul wasn’t willing to carry the banner of the One True God, he made it his mission to find someone else he could talk into fighting Goliath.  

When David showed up, Saul suddenly found himself face to face with a man he couldn’t talk out of fighting Goliath.  It is clear in this story that the difference between the confidence of David and of every other man in Israel was huge.  

What made the difference?

When Saul tried to talk David out of the fight, David’s response was to relate how God helped him overcome bears and lions, and so, certainly God would be with him against an enemy who wasn’t simply attacking some sheep, but God's name and the very people of God.

Confidence like David's comes from our faith memory that causes us to dwell in our past divine deliverances while realizing that God wants us to continue living forward, running straight into new and unexpected enemies that will challenge our faith in Him.  

What adversity are you facing today?  How has God shown Himself to be faithful in your previous trials?  Remembering his grace and deliverance from the past will allow you to move forward into an uncertain and sometimes scary future, especially if you are carrying the banner of the one true God.

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